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March 02, 2024 2 min read

When the temperatures dip and snow is everywhere it is hard to imagine that within a very short time these will fade as distant memories. When you consider your spring update project a perfect spot to consider is the front entry. There are numerous ways you can add impact to where you welcome your visitors.

Illuminate your entryway with carefully chosen lighting fixtures. Whether you prefer bright, safety-focused lighting or a softer, more welcoming ambiance, the options are endless. From stylish sconces to minimalist pendants, there's a perfect choice for every taste and purpose. With a variety of sizes and durable finishes available, upgraded lighting can truly enhance your entryway's appeal.

Foliage or Florals
Bring life to your porch with vibrant splashes of colour. Adding greenery, seasonal foliage, or floral arrangements can instantly lift the mood of your entryway. Consider a statement piece like a large, dramatic planter to complement any home style. Explore garden centers or home improvement stores for the perfect botanical accents.

Lay out the welcome mat for your guests! A well-chosen doormat is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, offering visitors a warm invitation while keeping dirt and debris at bay. Choose from a variety of durable materials and don't hesitate to embrace seasonal motifs for added charm.

Upgrade your mailbox to boost curb appeal. Whether it's mounted on the front porch, the garage, or the exterior wall, the right mailbox can make a significant impact on your home's exterior. Explore bold colour choices for a pop of personality or opt for a more subtle design to seamlessly blend with your home's aesthetic.

House Numbers or Address Plaque
Add the perfect finishing touch with customized house numbers or an address sign. And how our team at The Tile and Iron Studio loves addressing solutions! Elevate the look of your home with a range of addressing options, from modern designs to timeless classics. Explore the best materials, endless fonts, and today’s ultimate finishes to showcase your address in style.

Whether your exterior entry design project calls for the addition of one element or a complete redo, choices abound! The snow may still be falling but there is no better way to chase away the winter blues than with making plans for your first spring project!